Conventions in art

 Mastaba-chapel Hetepherakhti, photo:  National Museum of Antiquities, LeidenIn ancient Egypt the word art was not known, at least not in the way we generally use it.

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From pit graves to a piramid

Naqada III tomb, Minsjat Abu Omar 3300 BCIntroduction
All we know about the fascinating history of ancient Egypt is mainly based on the remains of the rich and interesting funerary culture.

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Isis lactans

Isis lactans, Museum am Dom WürzburgThe iconographic ways in which the female breast is portrayed on the many images from Ancient Egypt has to do with fertility, motherhood and abundance.

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Living stones, two ostraca

Ostracon with a pig and child, Musée de Louvre, ParisToday we are accustomed to write on paper, but the ancient Egyptians used many different materials such as papyrus, clay tablets, bones, wax tablets, and also ostraca.

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Strange bird

Vreemde vogel3The temples of Egypt are without doubt one of the most impressive monuments of the ancient world, not only because of their size but also because of their symbolism.

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