Grid with head Senenmut, photo: MET New YorkSenenmut

This gridded sketch of a man wearing a short wig undoubtedly depicts Senenmut, one of Hatshepsut's officials.
This limestone chip, called an ostracon, was found in debris on the hillside just below Senenmut's offering chapel on Sheikh abd el-Qurna hill. The profile is quite similar to a drawing in Senenmut's tomb at Deir el-Bahri.

Date: New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 (ca. 1479–1458 BC)
Source: MET, New York


Servant, photo: MET, New YorkPart of a statuette of the Old Kingdom showing a servant grinding grain.

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Female figure

Female figure, photo: MET, New YorkFemale figures of this type, often found with burials especially of the Middle Kingdom, were in the past called "concubines."

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King, photo: MET, New YorkThe small bronze kneeling king represents two aspects of art of the Kushite Period.

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